My scripts were created between LW 7.0 to LW 10.1 for PC users.
All scripts are open-source and freeware, so if you would like to pick them apart just use a text processor and customize to your liking. Donations are appreciated 🙂 Use these scripts at your own risk. I take no responsibility for lost work due to the usage of these scripts.

Update: I am no longer supporting these plugins due to limited time available and I do not use Lightwave on a consistent basis anymore. However, since they are open source you are more than welcome to edit them yourself to add features or fix bugs should the need arise.

Script Name



2PtPolyMaker M Watch on youtube! Select points and run script. It will generate 2 point polygons between the points.
AddRandomRotation L Watch on youtube! Adds random rotation to the selected objects in Layout.
AllLayersFG M Watch on youtube! Brings all layers in an object to the foreground. Useful if you don’t work with the Statistics Window open.
BatchGenData L  Generates data of files into an ascii format. Allows for multiple files at once. (Modified version of Bob Hoods’
CenterPoint M Watch on youtube! Creates a centerpoint in the middle of a selection, then selects the point after it is created.
ClearLyrNames M Watch on youtube! Clears the layer names off of layers.
CloneHierarchyRepeat L Watch on youtube! Creates multiple clones of a selected hierarchy.
CloneRename L Watch on youtube! Creates clones of a selected object and allows for the immediate renaming/numbering of the clones.
CloneToLayers M Copies the selected geometry to the defined layers.
CloseAllButCurrent M Watch on youtube! Closes all of the open objects except for the current object.
CustomNewLight L Creates lights and saves the settings to create new lights (not clones) and create them across different instances of Lightwave.
CycleApplySurfaces M Watch on youtube!It will take the selected geometry and keep applying textures to it until stopped. Useful for finding out what surface belongs on an object.
DisplaySubpatchLevel L Allows you to do a mass subpatch level change across in the scene.
DongleCheck M Checks if a dongle is plugged in when Modeler is started. Please note it requires a special install to work.
DongleID M Alerts you to your Dongle ID number.
ExcludeAllLights L Watch on youtube! Excludes all lights from the selected objects.
Fast Set Value M Watch on youtube! Allows for the quick snapping of points in any axis including U and V.
FixedCopyPaste M Watch on youtube! Copies the geometry and then selects it so you can then move the newly created geometry.
HiddenToUnseen L Watch on youtube! Makes hidden objects UnseenByCamera, and visible objects seen by the camera.
IsolateLayer M Watch on youtube! Uses the selected polygons to detect which layer they are on, then brings those layers to the foreground.
ItemState L Allows for the saving and loading of item render states on a scene by scene basis. Useful on large scenes which may be difficult to remember the item render states for each object when doing test renders.
Janitor M Cleans up geometry by eliminating common problem geometry, merging points, and unifying polygons.
LightExclusion L Allows for batch excluding/including lights from objects or excluding/including objects from lights based on what is selected.
LightsExcludeAllObjects L Excludes all objects from the selected lights.
LoadItemsRepeat L Launches the load items repeat using a defined scene a chosen number of times.
LyrSurfRenamer M Watch on youtube! This script will add a prefix to layer names and/or surface names.
MakeSceneReadOnly L Makes the currently loaded scene file readonly so that changes cannot be saved to it.
MergeDeselect L Watch on youtube! Merges the selected polygons and then deselects them.
MeshCombine M Combines two objects together with options.
MeshMover M Copies the current object into a new object.
MirrorPoints M Mirrors the points’ position based on chosen axis.
MirrorToEmptyLayer M Mirrors the selected geometry to an empty layer instead of current layer.
ModoCameraConversion L Gives the calculations for converting the Lightwave camera into a Modo Camera
MorphSaver L Saves an object’s layers motion into a (linear) morph that can later be animated.
MotLoader L Allows for quick loading of motion files using C:\Temp as a motion folder.
MotSaver L Allows for quick saving of motion files using scene name, time stamp, and C:\Temp as a motion folder.
MoveIt M Watch on youtube! Saves user defined offsets for moving selected points or polygons and then move them accordingly.
MultipleKeys L Watch on youtube! Will select the chosen type of item that has multiple keyframes on it.
MultipleLFS L Allows LoadFromScene from the selected lightwave scene files.
NewCamera L Watch on youtube! Allows you to create a new camera with an optional target where you can define either a new null to target or an existing object.
NullsToObj L Creates an OBJ from the nulls in a scene. Useful for converting tracking markers to geometry. (1000 Null Limit)
ObjectMask L Creates a black and white matte pass of the selected objects in a scene.
Partify M Creates a new part for each polygon on an object.
PointsToNulls M Watch on youtube! Saves out the points’ positions to a scene file where they are converted into Nulls.
PolyToSurfaces M Makes every polygon have its own surface.
RadArray M Radial array alternative that allows a background point as the center for the array operation.
RandomColor L Makes every selected object a random wireframe color.
RealtimeSmooth M Watch on youtube! An interactive previewer for the Smooth tool.
RemoveEmptyLayers M Removes the empty layers in an object.
Rename L A mass renaming utility.
ReplaceSelected L Allows for replacing objects with nulls, a single object, or an object from a list of objects. Also has random and sequential options as well as wireframe color options.
ReplaceTextures L Replaces the images with images from another directory.
ReplaceWithLights L Allows replacing of objects and cameras with Lights.
SaveAllObjects M Saves all objects.
SaveSelected L Allows for saving just the selected objects as either a normal save or a copy as well as adding an optional prefix.
SaveTransformed L Batch save transformed objects with options.
SelectActive L Takes the item selection and set’s their render checkbox to render. All other items will be turned off so they will not render.
SelectAll M Selects all polygons in the current object.
SelectMatteObjects L Selects all objects in the current (saved) scene that have the Matte attribute checked.
Selector M Allows for selecting/deselecting of points on chosen sides of axis.
SelectPoint M Allows for interactive selection of a single point based on the point’s ID number.
SelectSurfName M Selects/deselects polygons based on a search phrase (for their surface name).
SelLyrRng M Watch on youtube! Selects layers based on a range.
SelNegX M Selects all points on the negative X axis.
SelOnePt M Selects one point on each group of connected polygons of the current object.
SelPosX M Selects all points on the positive X axis.
SendToBG M Takes the selected geometry and puts it in the background layer.
SwapPoints M Watch on youtube! Swaps the point positions of the selected points.
UFlip M Takes a user-defined part (which is usually one half of the model shown in the UV space) and flip its orientation over the 50% mark in the U axis in a given UV map.
VisibilityFrontface L Sets the viewport visibility to frontface wireframe.
VisibilityNone L Sets the viewport visibility to hidden.
Weld Group M Watch on youtube! Weld pairs of points.
Weld Group Average M Watch on youtube! Weld Average to pairs of points.
 I would like to thank Mike Green,Dan Dulberger, Lernie Ang,Bob Hood,Petter Sundnes, Samuel Kvaalen, and many others in theLightwave community for assisting me in learning Lscript either directly by answering questions or by not compiling their scripts so that others could learn from them.

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