Shot Breakdown:

  1. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts: Camera animation, matte painting of sky, scene layout, lighting, render and compositing.
  2. Fringe: Created a CG shaft with flashlight falling (modeling,texturing, lighting,rendering,animation)
  3. Vessel: Texturing, lighting, and rendered the creatures.
  4. Weeds: Modeled, texturing, lighting, and animated CG fly
  5. Vessel: Texturing, lighting, rendering of the tentacles and TD’ed opening of chest
  6. Hostel 3: Created CG arrow (all aspects) and compositing
  7. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts: Scene layout, lighting, and rendering
  8. Animal Armageddon: Riggeing of the T-Rex
  9. Fringe: Green screen/tracker removal,  created the background nebula explosion, and compositing
  10. The Saboteur – Created the collapsing trusses,texturing of trusses, and lighting
  11. The Saboteur – Modeling of parachute, lighting and shot layout
  12. The Saboteur – Rigging and animation of the parachute animation.
  13. Vessel: Lighting and rendering of creature’s tentacles
  14. Lord of the Rings – War in the North: Lighting, scene layout, rendering, and modeling of the guard towers
  15. Pushing Daisies: Modeling,texturing, and rigging of the crab
  16. Billy Glimmer: Tracking, lighting, and compositing of the sign on the truck
  17. Red Faction – Origins: Tracking and motion graphics of the display on the handheld device
  18. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts: Scene layout, lighting, and rendering, and modeling of the gun
  19. Battle 360: Animation and scene layout
  20. Experience3D: Modeling and texturing of the foliage,  texturing of the boat, boat sail dynamics, texturing of hot air balloons, smoke trails on plane, scene layout, lighting, rendering,
  21. CSI: Tracking, painting, and compositing of lights being shut off in Las Vegas
  22. Battle 360: Scene layout and animation
  23. Animal Armageddon: Rigging of the raptors
  24. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts: Scene layout, lighting, and rendering, and modeling of the foreground tree
  25. Niptuck: Modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering of the roots covering the actor